Friday, November 26, 2010

December 2009 - November 2010 My only blog for the year!

This is a mega post with lots of pictures. I plan to get back into blogging, but I couldn't doing with out posting at all last year. Read it all together or in shifts, but this is our life.

We had so much fun being cowboys.

Longview Carnival, fun to meet carnies.

He loves to drive! 13 year and we are in trouble.

OCTOBER 2010 =

Aubrey performed in a musical production, she was great!

The whole family, except for Aubrey.

Cousin caleb and Coopie.

We ate lunch with Aubrey and Lolo at their schools.
Buzz and Woody... all weekend long!

The Renasance Fair in Magnolia, TX
Greg and Andrea Tate brough their family with them.

SEPTEMBER 2010 - Movie on the lawn in Down town Longview.

Caleb is finally potty trained! As promised he got a Buzz Light year for pooping in the potty.
SEPTEMBER 2010 - Fun Fall Festivities.

My litte Drummer Boy with the Spring Hill Band.
Caleb's first school morning at ACA.
Fun times with the hubby.

The back to school pep-rally was fun buy too loud for the boy!


My 40th birthday.

My 40th birthday party. Chrispy had everyone dress in black and eat at Papacita's

The Cake I made for back to school.
My birthday party at the pool.

I loved my cake that I made for myself!

JULY 2010
Daddy's HOME!

In July the girls came to L'view. G'mommy and Danny took the kids to the Discovery Zone.
Everyone found something just for them
Isa and Aubrey BFF's
Lolo and Kinzie BFF's

This boy swam himself to sleep and Mimi's pool.

Daddy goes to the Scout national Jamboree for 2 weeks.

Our crazy daddy and the boys.

Bella's 4th birthday.

Cousins eatting ice cream and getting sticky.

This summer Caleb also learned to sleep in his big boy bed... it wasn't easy.

JUNE 2010

Caleb would literally play until he fell asleep. Those are his weed eatting goggles.

The Peurifoy's at the Pirtle campfire.

Caleb and Daddy with the staff at the flag ceremony.

Danny and Grandmommy stuffing Caleb full of sugar before returning him to us!
Our 7th anniversary, June 14th, celebrated at Camp Pirtle where we celebrated our first anniversary.

In June we met our kitty for the summer: Sissy. She now lives with the Farrells enjoying their pond, ducks and Chickens and don't forget the dogs.

Grandaddy and grandmommy came out to camp to fish and see the boy.
This little boy is a true staffer. He salutes the flag and is as crazy and the rest of the staffers.

Mimi and Caleb raised and lowered his crocks over and over again.

A Camp Pirtle family... The Peurifoy's.

In June we moved out to Camp Pirtle for the next 5 weeks. We had a blast. Chrispy was the Camp Program Director.

he also helped with my Potty Training Project.

Caleb and I had our own mode of transportation. A covered wagon with a truck behind it full of cars.

MAY 2010

Last weekend in May The FNPP's went to the Canton Splash Kingdom. Fun times... really!

The FNPP's concored Splash Kingdom.

June started off with a bang. FNPP at the Farrell's house.

the girls had fun solving the problems of the world.

Danny helped all the kids catch a fish out of Charlie's pond. Mom and Dad at Caleb's after party. Swimming and pizza, good times. Ricky and the kidos. We all had a good time!
May 27th, Caleb's birthday Party. The Kids... and Dad, blowing bubbles.

The cousins waiting for cake time.

Mimi and the girls.
My first huge cake attempt. It had all the CARS cars on it and a plane.

In May, Roper and Maw came up for the big party. This is Caleb in his pool. He loved it!

Mother's day was special, my boys suprised me when I got out of the shower. Fun stuff.

In May, we ate dinner at the Farrell's, Caleb found the snow white dress and why not?

Powder Puff football was a hit in May. Caleb met the Panther again. He loves that Panther!
In May we took the Teen Leadership classes to the ropes course at Camp Pirtle.

In April, Cousin Caleb and Coopie.
In April the Pruitt's came over for a wedding. Cousins: Aubrey, Lolo, Coopie and Caleb.

My sweetboys in their bow ties for their mama.
Gaga and Pop Pop came to see Caleb.

Becky and her sweetboy.

Our beautiful mama and her boys.

We hosted Easter dinner in our back yard. The Alford's, Sample's, Pruitt's and Peurifoy's were all there.

They did such a good job.
We had the Corbitt's over and died eggs. It was a lot of fun and very messy!
Caleb picked up a lot of eggs! He had lot's of fun. He loved his teachers Miss Amy and Miss Melissa.

At the end of March Caleb's class got to do an egg hunt and I got to go watch!

In March, Gaga got a visit from her boy all the way down in Center, Tx. Daddy was at Camp Pirtle and we took advantage of our time.
In March we had a chance to meet up with Roper and Maw. They were at a rodeo, Marilyn's really good.

In March we also went on a scout repelling trip. I even repelled down the cliff.

Mommy was crazy and rented a hotel room so we could swim in March!

Caleb's first Zoo trip to the Caldwell Zoo with a bunch of friends from church.

The January snow was fun... but cold.

In Jan / Feb we coached soccer. We had a lot of fun b/c it was a fun family effort.

Here's the crazy girl's team: Spring Hill Lady Panthers.

In February Danny's birthday and his sweetboy.
My Baby started turning into a boy in February.

December 2009 - Dad was Danny Clause. Caleb knew from the very first moment that it was Danny. He even pulled on his beard and said: Hi Danny.

Mrs. Clause was not far behind. We all had a great time.

The Peurifoy's in their Christmas mode. It was fun that Caleb actually knew what was going on.
In January Gaga had a birthday. We all Celebrated at Stephanie's house with dinner and cake.

In January it also snowed really big. Caleb's first snow day was a blast.

So I'm going to post some pictures from December 2009 to now Nov 2010. We, The Peurifoy's have had an awesome year. I have missed blogging. It's all Facebook's fault!


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